Sunday, June 28, 2009

Answer to the questions

1. Give other names for ADH.
Vasopressin; Arginine Vasopressin; AVP

2- 3. Two principal sites of action of AVP.
Kidney and Bloodvessels

4. A common disease related to ADH.
Diabetes Insipidus (DI)

5. Major sign of Diabetes Insipidus.
Excessive Urination

6- 7. Give the 2functions of AVP.
Regulates extracellular fluid volume and It is a vasoconstriction

8. Normal values for ADH test.
0 to 4.7 pg/mL

9. Give one condition if the result obtained is abnormally high.
Post- surgery fluid imbalance

10. Give one condition if the result obtained is abnormally low.
Diabetes Insipidus (central or nephrogenic)

Case Analysis:

11- 20. A 24-year old woman Liz, is a flight attendant for almost 5 years. One day when she was on leave she noticed that every hour she had to go to the bathroom and she felt uneasy about it. That was why she went to see a doctor but they didn't find any abnormality on physical examination.

What probable condition is Liz suffering from?

Liz is suffering from excessive urination or also known as polyuria which is a major sign of having Diabetes Insipidus.

This DI may arise from either of this two situations,

Hypothalamic DI this is deficiency in the secretion of ADH in the posterior pituitary and Nephrogenic DI this is when the kidney is unable to respond to ADH.

ADH is the hormone that decreases urine production and in this case there is the absence of ADH, that was why Liz is suffering from excessive urination.

What test would you recommend to diagnose her?

ADH test, because this test is performed if a disorder that affects ADH level is suspected.


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