Friday, August 14, 2009

Proper reporting of results.

Proper reporting or recording of results is one of the preliminary measures that is being observed and practiced inside the laboratory. It is always a protocol for us to report correctly and clearly in order to release an accurate and reliable results.

The main goal of reporting accurate and reliable results is to help the physicians to treat patients. Because physicians rely in whatever results we obtain and record. That is why they must be reported in a timely and accurate manner.

Many unpleasant consequences would happen if we did not properly report results. It might threaten the life of the patients because of the medical technologist's fault.

That is why we must always be sure that we report results properly and make this a habit.


  1. Maryjoy, good one, but some suggestions. You may present the items in bullet form, and remember the spaces in between paragraphs I told you.

  2. I think it's helpful to remember how you would feel as a parent or child or spouse of a patient who received the wrong treatment - or even died - as a result of incorrect test results. That said, you just have to study hard and know your stuff because you also cannot let fear of making a mistake paralyze you or cause you undue stress.

  3. Hi Maryjoy,

    Yeah, proper reporting of results should be done all the time because the treatment would be tailored to the results of tests.