Monday, August 31, 2009

Answer to the QUIZ.

TRUE 1. The protocol inside the laboratory to release accurate results.

TRUE 2. Physicians rely on the results that Medical Technologists report.

TRUE 3. Wrong results would cause dire consequences on the patient.

FALSE 4. Proper reporting of results is not a preliminary measure inside the laboratory.

TRUE 5. The medical technologist should be reliable in reporting of results.

TRUE 6. The lab results must be reported in a timely and accurate manner.

TRUE 7. The life of the patients are threatened if inaccurate results are reported.

TRUE 8. Proper reporting of results is part of the Quality Assurance.


One Monday morning, Sophia went to her physician complaining for some illness. Then her doctor told her that she has to go to a diagnostic center to help them see what possible is she suffering from.

The physician gave her the requisition slip and so, Sophia went to the diagnostic center immediately. Laboratory tests were done.

  • Would Sophia be treated correctly if the Medical Technologist reported wrong results?

The physicians relies on the results that the medical technologist forward to him/ her and its only the basis of the physicians. If the Medical Technologist reported wrong results it means that the patient would also be treated wrongly by the physician.

  • What could happen to the patient if she has given wrong results?

It might threatened his/ her life because of the fault of the Medical Technologists. Because she will be given wrong diagnosis about her illness.

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