Sunday, September 6, 2009


Do you agree that Drug testing should be done as a requirement for admission to schools?

YES! I agree, that Dug testing should be done as a requirement to school admission especially in tertiary level because in this way we can assure that the students entering in the university is capable to study and they are physically and mentally ready for the challenges they may encounter.

I believe that if one people is a drug user he/she will lose his/her concentration in studying and shows no interest in whatever they do.

All schools offer Quality Education to their students and for them to have a Quality Education it must first start to the students they have. The Quality Education would not be effective if their students are not active in school and shows physically present but mentally absent.

Im not saying that drug-users cannot go to school to study and get the education that they need but for me if they want to be in school and get the Quality Education they deserve they must first stop themselves from using drugs and concentrate to their studies because i believe that education is the key and first step for a brighter future.

And so, this is my side, this is my opinion.

Stop using drug and start to live a better life


  1. Education is indeed the key and first step for a brighter future. The school would be the cradle where the Students would be nurtured.

    Your opinion is well expressed.

    Nice job!



    Thank you for a great time last Saturday. You guys are the best!

  2. Hi Doc Z! :D
    Thank you for taking time reading my latest post and for appreciating it.

    It's our pleasure to meet all of you last saturday sir. :D GodBless!